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Pakistani dramas dubbing project gets Rs 30.179 mln in budget

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ISALMABAD: The project of Dubbing of Pakistani Dramas in Foreign Languages got a total of Rs 30.179 million in the Annual Budget 2015-16 to support the drama industry for its projection across the world.

The project of Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, National Heritage and Integration will serve the drama industry and the people connected to it in terms of their projection and create understanding of Pakistani culture across the world.

“Due to the screening of Bollywood movies in cinemas, we lost the Lolly wood and now the Turkish and Indian dramas on small screen during the prime time were an attempt of invasion on our cultural values,” said popular drama actor and former Director General, Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) Tauqeer Nasir, while talking to APP.

This project is a good development as our dramas were appreciated worldwide in the past where there was understanding of Urdu language while the dubbing of dramas in foreign languages will promote the soft image of the country and negative propaganda on image of Pakistan will be stopped, he said.

“It is our very big success to promote our culture and values positively across the country while the dubbing of classical drama which shaped our own society, will play an important role in promoting soft image of the country,” he said.

It was the TV Drama which not only served the audience at home with their excellent content and quality but also got popularity abroad introducing Pakistani actors across the world from 70s. Than it was again the TV drama which accommodated artistes of silver screen soon after downfall of Pakistani Film Industry from 90s in an attempt to keep alive the identity of actors.

“Unfortunately, we did not take timely action to save our film industry, but the recent cultural invasion by Turkish and Indian dramas on Pakistani channels is unacceptable for the TV artistes and if the issue is not handled properly, it will lead to losing our drama and ultimately our own cultural values and heritage,” he said.

For the sake of viewership and making money, such steps sometimes create gaps and the downfall of Lolly Wood was the result of not filling these gaps timely, similarly, the drama industry will suffer if the Pakistani nation will stay silent.

“We do not have the lack of talent, instead we have the lack of taking pride of our own talent and cultural heritage which is creating lack of nationalism in our young generation,” he lamented over the issue of screening Turkish and Indian dramas which took the prime time.

Pakistani dramas are all about to raise issues of human interest and bringing correction to the society with soft expressions of performing art.

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