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Pakistani film actress Veena Malik will host Reality TV show


Pakistani film actress Veena Malik will host Reality TV show which will be aired after Eid-ul-Fitr.

In an interview she said I am glad to note that in Pakistan there is no shortage of talent. She further said that her show would be a good platform for so many talented artists. She also told that in the audition for the show nearly 15000 people participated.

veena malik

Veena was born in Rawalpindi. But later shifted to Lahore. People expecting that the above show will proved to be a successful program as Veena herself said to make it a good platform for talented artists.  Veena herself is a talented artist because she has a successful career and a vast experience as showbiz figure with a lot of work on television and films. Also, she is an educated person and completed her graduation degree qualification in sociology and psychology, the very important subjects which are required to be studied in every field of life.

veena malik

In every profession interaction takes place with humans and not with devices only. If someone is ignorant of human psychology, he or she  cannot not succeed in it. Veena also worked as model.This artist has also contributed to indian showbiz industry. While working in India she was labelled as a liberal Muslim by the Indian media.

According to the media she also indulged in discussion with some religious scholars in India who criticised some contents of her hosted shows. She started film career with movie  ‘Tere Pyar Main’ in the year of 2000. Some more films in the commencement of career of this artist were ‘Koi tujh sa kahan’, ‘Yeh dil ap ka hua’,’Sassi Punnu’, ‘Ishq bay parwah’ and others.

Tere Pyar Main

Film ‘Koi tujh sa kahan’ was produced by Reema Khan which was commercially successful and introduced this actress as a prominent and good artist.

Koi tujh sa kahan

This was a great success of Veena after facing various ups and downs in the field. In the film ‘tere pyar mein’, she worked alongside with Zara Sheikh and Shaan Shahid. She also hosted tv shows including Geo show ‘Hum sub umeed se hain’ in comedy style.

The program contained parodies of famous people such as famous politicians, showbiz people and others.The artist also got Lux Style Award for being  most stylish celebrity. Veena is married lady. Her husband’s name is Asad Bashir and he is a  businessman.

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