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Pakistani films could not produce enthusiastic performance this year | 2019 Review


2019 Review

Lahore: This year, the Pakistani film industry has not been able to win the hearts of the people. But there are some films that have won box office.

According to details. This year too, the Pakistani film industry could not sum up the successes that were claimed earlier this year.

The number of films announced in 2019 was more than 30. But practically the number of films that were screened for the entire year was only 23.

From January to April. A total of 6 films were released. For Instance: Jack Pot, Lal kabooter, Sher Dil, Madon Love and Project Ghazi. But only two films Lal Pigeon and Sher Dil were successful at the box office.

According to the report, the movie laal Kabooter was so liked by the fans. It could be considered as one of the 3 best movies of the year. While Lal Kabooter also received an official nomination for Oscar this year.

It is to be noted that it has also wrapped up awards at several foreign film festivals. Which was purely a local color-colored Pakistani film. Which has been the subject of local issues of Karachi city.

From May to August, the total number of films to be exhibited was 11, including Chholava, Rong No. 2, Katha Kasha, Baji, Ready Studios, You Are You, Swim, Deer Man, Hit Beyond and Super. Star included.

Of these, Chhola, Rong No. 2, Hit Beyond, and the superstar achieved significant success at the box office. While in the third and last part, a total of 6 films were screened for display. For Instance: Dal Chawwal, Dari, Kaf Kangana, Searches, Sachs. And radiation.

For the third part of the year. No film was able to make a significant success at the box office and all had to face failure.

Other films released in the year 2019 could not earn a lot of money. But many of the films could not get their money out.

According to the report. The films whose films have been announced for 2020 also include important films. For Instance: The Legend of Moula Jet and Jeevan Tamasha.

The number of films released next year is estimated to be around 50. But as not all films are released this year. Not all films will be screened next year.

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