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Pakistani song was stolen for Indian film ‘Sarak To’.


Karachi: The Pakistani song of Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Sarak To’ has been stolen.

The official trailer of the sequel of Sanjay Dutt and Pooja Bhatt’s famous film ‘Sarak’ . ‘Sarak To’ has also released a few days ago. In which this time Pooja Bhatt will replaced by his younger sister Alia Bhatt and actors Aditya Rai Kapoor are playing.

The song that include in the official video of the trailer of the film ‘Sarak To’ directed by Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. It has released by a Pakistani producer.

Sheezan Saleem made a video on Twitter about his stolen song and music in which he initially showed the song “Ishq Kamal” from “Sarak to”. After which he share the video and history of his song. He told at the same time, he said that the song which was copied by the Indian film under the name ‘Raba Ho’ was produced by me for a friend in 2011.

The Pakistani filmmaker said: “Not only the lyrics of his songs were stolen but also the music is stolen. At the same time, he also said that what do the people say about it”?

It should be noted that the movie ‘Sarak To’, which was made under the banner of Fox Star. Which is suppose to released on July 10. But now this movie will release in cinemas on August 28 this month. It remains to be seen whether the stolen song will be remove from the film following criticism from users on social media.

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