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Pakistanis are quite good looking: Zeenat Aman


LAHORE: For a few, performing artist Zeenat Aman might have been the Bollywood ‘It Girl,’ who sent hearts hustling with the persona she wore over her movie vocation. For others, she was dependably the diva in red; the substance of singing symbol Nazia Hassan’s chartbuster, Aap Jaisa Koi.

Zeenat was no Hema Malini or Rekha or Shabana Azmi so far as that is concerned. It wasn’t as though she was the first to wear shapewear in movies and alright parts that were excessively strong. Mind you, Sharmila Tagore had been around for some time and Zeenat’s own particular peers, any semblance of Parveen Babi, were themselves willing to adjust to a more Hollywood-esque pattern of Indian film-production. Nonetheless, so they say, she figured out how to stand her ground in a way few did. Zeenat playing a nightclub artist, a flower child, a sex laborer or even an alienated wife was notorious in its own privilege. She was, and still is, the postergirl of Bollywood; the lady who claimed her exotic nature and turned into the substance of the chic, urban original of Indian film performers.

Nowadays, the star is in Lahore to take an interest in Shaan-e-Pakistan, a social trade activity. In a select discussion with The Express Tribune, she opened up on her time in movies and the sex image mark that has been connected with her name.

The principal Indian lady to win the Miss Asia Pacific exhibition in 1970, Zeenat became wildly successful in Indian silver screen with Hare Rama Hare Krishna. The film was trailed by various different hits before she chose to hang up her boots for good. “I had been working since the time that I was a young person however after the conception of my child, I wrapped up all ventures and chose to offer time to my family,” she says. While her counterparts keep on showing up from time to time, Zeenat is not certain about returning. “I will act just when something age-proper comes my direction.”

It’s hard for the individuals who knew the Zeenat of the 70s and 80s to grapple with the new Zeenat, who has a self-contradicting memory of her brilliant period. At the point when asked whether the generalization overrode her characters, she says, “Not precisely. In any case, before long, individuals couldn’t see past that.” Zeenat feels there were times when she gave better than average acting exhibitions yet at the same time the attention stayed on erotic nature. “The thing is, on-screen characters get classified and after that your crowd wouldn’t like to give you a chance to escape that.”


Her assemblage of abnormal parts ranges from the assault casualty not willing to be disgraced into not looking for equity in Insaaf Ka Tarazu (1980), to a deformed lady abandoned by her spouse in Satyam Shivam Sundram (1978). “I did some superb parts that had nothing to do with being plainly exotic however no one concentrated on that. Individuals dependably saw Zeenat Aman as a westernized figure,” she says.

This does not mean Zeenat is not fulfilled by her distinguished time in movies. “I’m not griping,” she keeps up. “I got a considerable measure of warmth for the work I did and on the grounds that I am a sensibly brilliant individual, I could appreciate the achievement that accompanied it.” by and large, she says, “Yet when you arrive, you don’t understand anything. It’s all work.” Now in her 60s, she has constrained her number of trips and wants to walk the slope just every so often.

The lovely lady feels Pakistanis are by and large gorgeous. “Your kin are very gorgeous and your show serials are observed everywhere throughout the world,” she says. At the point when asked whether she will act in a Pakistani ventures, she rapidly reacts, “I would love to work here if an open door comes.”

Nowadays Zeenat is caught up with assisting child Azaan with his up and coming heist film. With Pakistani performing artist Faizan Khawaja on board, Azaan has both coordinated and delivered the motion picture and swings to his mom sometimes for some valuable expressions of exhortation. “It will be discharged in the following couple of months and ideally we will be back in Pakistan for a debut,” she grins.

At the occasion in Lahore, she is wearing architect Mina Siddique’s most recent gathering which is motivated by Zeenat as it were. The Dubai-based fashioner has created grips, capes, scarves and light shades with hand painted pictures of the performing artist. “I think of her as a genuine lady of substance. I am by and large enlivened by delightful countenances and when that is the situation, who else if not Zeenat Aman?” said Mina. “I am regarded that she needed to work with me since she could have picked anybody from the subcontinent.”

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