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Pakistan’s top six damsels always in distress

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 In our traditional Pakistani dramas there is a handsome hero, a delicate diva and some individuals who play negative roles. However, most of the time the delicate divas are so fragile that it almost seems ridiculous. You just wish to take them out of the screen and tell them “Enough, no more tragedy for you.”

There should be a limit on how mazloom a character can be in a drama. Sadly, Pakistani dramas know no end to female characters playing the feeble role. And since there are a number of actresses consistently involved only in tragic roles, (are they competing to see who can be the most dukhi atma?) we bring you the best six in whatever order they managed to annoy you with their bechari-ness:

6. Aiza Khan

Aiza Khan is a good individual to start off our mazloom list with. A dominant and talented actress, she has impressed the audiences with her strong performances in dramas like Pyaarey Afzal. But she, among others, is stuck in the sphere of just doing roles which are shown as being oppressed. We are sure that Aiza will fit a different role like a hand in glove but till then let’s hope someone offers her a role other than the downtrodden.

5. Soniya Hussain

Soniya Hussain has played the oppressed in many dramas. She started off playing an independent girl in Dareechay. However, since then, Soniya has only played depressing roles and is a permanent member of the Mazloom group. If we take a look at her career, then it is quiet evident that the repressed roles are meant for her.

4. Beenish Chohan

Beenish Chohan is also among the dukhi and mazloom Pakistani actresses. Seems like the ‘poor girl’ has to bear all the hardships this world has to offer. Benish has showcased her talent in plays like Babul Ki Duaein Leti Ja and Meri behen Meri Devarni, but there is a dire need for her to try out different roles.


3. Mawra Hocane

Mawra Hocane, a lively individual in real life but only seen a mazloom in her reel life. She is one of the finest actresses this country has and can definitely play any role given to her with sincerity. But Mawra is always oppressed when it comes to drama serials, she seems to attract all sorts of injustice, Mein BushraAhista Ahista, are two projects which support this statement. Not that she doesn’t play the roles well, we just hope her upcoming ventures differ from her past characters and she can entertain the viewers with some diversity.

2. Sumbul Iqbal

It was a tough decision to put Sumbul in either first position or second. Nevertheless, the actress is only seen playing tragic roles and the term ‘tragedy queen’ may fit her well. Seems like directors pick Sumbul when in need to cast an oppressed female. She has worked in some entertaining dramas as well but apparently tragedy is written in her career.

1. Sajal Ali

We give the title of Mazloom Queen to none other than Sajal Ali. There is no doubt that she is a talented and determined actress. But Sajal seems to have specialized in her field, from Aasmano Pe Likha to Chup Raho, Sajal has always opted to play a mazloom in drama serials. We would definitely like to see this young emerging actor in a different and diverse role.

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