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The Famous actress quietly married the fifth


New York: Hollywood actress Pamela Anderson married fifth time producer John Peter at the age of 52.

International media reports that John Peter and Pamela, the producers of Hollywood’s famous movie series ‘Batman’, secretly married in California on Wednesday.

The two actresses kept their wedding a secret, however, and the Hollywood actress is confirming that Pamela has married her fifth.

According to the report, John Peter and Pamela first met in 1980, after which the two had a close friendship and then the actress offered them a wedding, although the producer had apologized.

The news agency reports that the two have a 30-year friendship and love each other.

On one occasion, Pamela also testified that she loved John Peter and could not be compared to anyone. The Canadian-born actress is 52 and John Peters is 74, according to the report.

Remember that the actress announced her separation from her fourth husband in 2004.

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