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‘Piku’ completes 2 years: Here are the 5 best moments from the film

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‘Piku’ completes 2 years: Here are the 5 best moments from the film

Shoojit Sircar’s light hearted film ‘Piku’, which stole our hearts for its beautiful portrayal of a daughter’s relationship with her father, completes 2 years today. Deepika Padukone who played the titular character absolutely won the audience over with her stellar performance leading to her second Filmfare award followed by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan who won the National Award for his role.As the film turns 2 today, here are the 5 best moments from the film that touched our hearts!

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“Semi-liquid motion first then 2 days of gas and constipation, what should I do? Yeh koi message hota hai dene ko office mein?”- Deepika’s irritation at her father as he casually skims through his medicines reminds us of the times we bicker with our parents when they behave like difficult children.

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When Piku tells her father to stop walking and go attend nature’s call instead! Amitabh’s cute yet innocent response to his daughter about his bowels will definitely leave you in splits!

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Amitabh Bachchan’s portrayal of an aging father obsessed with his bowels and his house is a reflection of our daily life in so many ways. He would reprimand people for no good reason, constantly complaining and finding faults in others. Deepika’s irritation at her father asking him to conform to the society reflects how aging parents become like children as they grow older.

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Piku loves her father immensely. Apart from her job, she has dedicated herself to the care of her father who is known to be a hypochondriac constantly complaining about his stomach and his illnesses. It is endearing to see Rana essayed by Irrfan Khan support Piku when her father is again complaining about him being a burden on her.

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Despite her father’s lifelong complaints, Piku truly loves him. Deepika telling Irfan that she will only marry if her husband is willing to adopt her old father only goes on to show their loving bond.

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