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Playing the ‘PUBG’ game lost its youth


New Delhi: Playing the world’s most popular game “PUBG”, the Indian youth has gone to death.

According to details, the number of users of the world’s most famous online game PUBG is increasing day by day. The game also earned the honor of being unique in the world of gaming. Where it broke many gaming records in the past.

According to a foreign news agency. PUBG game has made the children even grown up, but the negative effects are also there.

During the game, constantly observing the screen and being overwhelmed with intense emotions, the teen suffered a “brain stroke” mental paralysis. The civilian died immediately after surgery at the hospital. The post-mortem report revealed the juvenile’s brain vein.

The post-mortem report states that the cause of death of the young man was overwhelmed with intense emotions and severe stress. This is why the brain tissue breaks down. Be aware that the death of someone from the pub is not a new incident. There have been such incidents many times before.

It may be recalled that in September last year, a twenty-one-year-old boy was bitten by his father’s neck in the Bel Gavi district of Karnataka state, killing him.

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