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Poet Rahat Andori died after battling corona virus


Indore: World renowned Indian Urdu poet Rahat Andori lost his life in the battle with corona virus.

According to Indian media, Rahat Andori, a teacher of Urdu literature and a well-known poet. Met Khaliq Haqiqi twice during his treatment in the ward of covid-19 due to a heart attack. The 71-year-old poet, who looted poetry with a unique style, was hospitalized after testing positive for corona virus.

In his last tweet on the social networking site Twitter. Rahat Andori informed the fans that he had tested positive for corona. And is admit to the hospital. However, death did not give respite.

Rahat Andori’s lyrics and poems were popular. He is equally popular in Pakistan and India. His poem is very popular among politicians and election rallies.

Everyone’s blood is in the soil here
Someone’s father’s India is small.

Rahat Andori did his PhD in Urdu Literature. He is involved in teaching in a local college.He is an artist and besides poetry.He wrote songs for films. Including the song of the deadly film “Koi Jaaye To Laaye”. My two lakh prayers “and” Mana Bhai MBSS ” also very popular.

Top government officials, literary figures and showbiz stars. Lament the demise of the eminent poet and termed his passing away as a great loss to science and literature.

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