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Pop Queen has died and it’s been 20 years


It has been 20 years since Nazia Hassan, who established in the music industry in Pakistan, has passed away.

Nazia Hassan was born in Karachi on April 3, 1965. She was graduated from the American College of London. and entered the world of music with the famous PTV program “Sang Sang Chale”.

Nazia Hassan, along with her brother Zohaib. completed a mixture of Eastern and Western music that is still popular with music fans today. Nazia Hassan’s amazing singing, she and her brother Zohaib Hassan is also called the founder of pop music in Pakistan.

His song “Aap Jaisa koi Meri Zindagi Aaye” which was included in the Indian films. Qurbani gave Nazia Hassan worldwide fame while Nazia And Zohaib album “Disco Deewane set a new sales record.

Nazia covered the way for those who could not have created the choice from music 30 years ago Nazia Hassan also awarded the Presidential Medal of Excellence by the government for her technical services.

Nazia Hassan was beaten, with the deadly condition of lung cancer. during which her marital life has also severely affected. On August 13, 2000. she met Khaliq Haqiqi and her artistic services will always be remembered.

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