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Pressure On Male Actors to Look Good, Osama Tahir.


Pressure On Male Actors to Look Good, say Osama Tahir.

About Osama Tahir:

Osama Tahir is an amazing Pakistani actor and with his brilliant performance in drama serial Ruswai. He has got huge appreciation. Osama has appear in many dramas and in some movies. He start his career from theater and prove himself a brilliant actor by performing diverse roles in different dramas.

Osama Tahir start his acting career in 2017 with the movie “Chalay The sath”. He perform brilliantly in that movies and after that movie. He got offers for many dramas. Osama has also work as a model. And often appears in an advertisement for different brands. His Debut drama serial was ‘Dar Si Jati Hai Sila” opposite Yumna Zaidi. His performance in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila was appreciate by all and he got major recognition on the silver screen.

He receive the Best Emerging Talent Award in 7th Hum Awards. Osama’s performance in drama serial “Bellapur Ki Dayan” opposite Sarah Khan is among his best performances. Osama Tahir appear as Hamza in drama serial Ruswai made on the social issues of gang rape. Osama’s amazing performing in drama serial Ruswai was love by his fans. His fans would love to watch him more upcoming projects.

Osama Tahir interview with Fuchsia Magazine:

In a recent interview, he talk about how male actors have pressure to look good. And they are chose on the basis of their looks.

He shared, “The problem is we are going with a go-to look that he must be white, have spotless skin, beard and good hairstyle. All of these things are pressure in male actors. Sometimes when I have been considered it’s due to my looks. Because my complexion is white. Due to this, many boys copy this go-to look to get work. I understand that. The problem is you all end up looking same. And how will you look different? I said all this because your talent matters. If you are not a talented actor then work on it, do practice and make your own identity.”

“Then Fahad Mustafa came and changed the definition and he has said that in an interview that he didn’t get work due to his skin colour. Ahad Raza Mir is not a typical good looking guy but he is a good looking guy in different way. So slowly the trend is changing but it still exists and will take a lot of time,” Osama Tahir added.

Osama Tahir also talk about nepotism in the Pakistani entertainment industry. And how he feels about getting discriminate as he doesn’t have any contacts. He said, Initially it makes you angry because nobody gives you chance and listen to you but what I like is that I gave auditions, I worked hard and then I got dramas and films. Even for the film ‘Chalay Thay Saath’, I was not their first choice. They wanted a leading actor and already known face but I went and auditioned and based on that I got work. Initially, I wanted that I must have some contacts but then without any contact, it motivated me to work harder.”

Here is Osama Tahir’s interview:

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