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Prince Harry begged for a job.


LONDON: British Prince Harry has asked Disney CEO Bob Iger for a dubbing job for his wife, Meghan Merkel.

According to details. The video of a young Prince Harry’s Hollywood producer asking for a job dubbing for his wife. Meghan Merkel, from Harry’s Hollywood production user and Disney went viral on social media.

A few days ago Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Merkel announced their deportation. As a senior member of the royal family and both have moved to Canada from the UK.

Foreign news reports say that news of the British royal family’s separation following the separation of Prince Harry from the royal family has been circulating, and a meeting of key members of the Royal Family has been called in this regard.

Prince Harry asked Disney CEO Bob Iger for a voiceover job for Meghan Markle at the premiere of the famous Hollywood movie Line King.

It can be seen in the video that Prince Harry is saying ‘my wife needs work’.

According to media reports, British Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Merkel has signed a voiceover deal with Disney in exchange for donations to the charity.

According to British media, Harry and Meghan Merkel had told Elton John about his departure even before the British Queen Elizabeth.

However, Lady Diana’s friend Sir Elton John is secret to Harry and Meghan Markle.

According to British media, However, Meghan Markle had consulted with former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in this regard.

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