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Prince Harry gets the job of ‘mechanic’


Recently, the image of a British prince Harry McKee’s mechanic leaving the royal family went viral.

UK political leader Mark Press has shared a photo on the micro-blogging website Twitter with Prince Harry’s co-patch fixing the wall, sharing a photo of Prince Harry with a photo. It was a pleasure to know that the Duke of Sussex has found a job, ”the caption wrote.

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On the other hand, during the interview with Simon Pingley, Harry’s co-founder on foreign media, he said, “This is my picture of 2016, my beard was growing in those days, I was told by two or three boys that I was a beard prince. Looks like Harry. ‘

It should be noted that Harry and his wife Meghan Merkel, the younger of the British royal family, announced earlier this month that they were stepping down as high royal and financially autonomous.

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