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Priyanka Chopra ends hush on suicide claims by previous chief Prakash Jaju


Priyanka Chopra at long last ended her hush on suicide claims made by her previous administrator Prakash Jaju, saying his announcements were not true.

Priyanka Chopra at long last ended her quiet on the cases made by her previous chief Prakash Jaju, who affirmed the on-screen character attempted to confer suicide thrice amid her battling days, saying his announcements were not true.

In a progression of tweets not long ago, Jaju had said the 33-year-old “Quantico” star attempted to end her life in 2002 after the demise of her charged previous beau Aseem Merchant’s mom.

“This is absolute… First of all, it’s sad to the point that Indian media has offered validity to the man, who was in prison due to hassling me, without checking the history who the individual is. Along these lines, I have nothing to say in light of the fact that there is no believability to this individual, who media is offering validity to,” she told PTI.

Jaju’s tweets came days after prevalent TV on-screen character Pratyusha Banerjee was discovered dead at her home. The police suspected she submitted suicide because of anxiety over her association with sweetheart Rahul Raj Singh.

Pratyusha’s death re-opened the continually continuous level headed discussion if individuals from showbiz are more inclined to sadness. Priyanka, notwithstanding, thinks that its baffling that finger has been pointed at the diversion business. “Why don’t we discuss those ladies, who submit suicide since they were bothered by the mother-in-laws or being beaten in their homes? Then again they slaughter themselves since they are troubled in their homes? It’s so natural to pivot and say in regards to the showbiz world.”

Priyanka denounced those, who are speaking sick about the performing artist without finding the genuine truth. “No one knows reality. No one ever attempted to discover what the poor 24-year-old young lady was experiencing… And of course, individuals are analyzing her life. Individuals are superfluously discussing her, not giving her and family the appreciation they merit at this moment.” The “Jai Gangaajal” star said the adolescent ought not end their own lives and rather educate a lesson to the individual, who is troubling them. “Youngsters are likewise conferring suicide in universities and inns. I trust why they need to murder themselves for another person. I would slaughter that individual first before closure my life for the individual.”

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