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Priyanka Chopra says dad banned her from wearing tight clothes as a teenager: ‘We had a big clash of egos’


Priyanka Chopra was very close to her later father and has revealed. How she was shocked to see her return home from the US as a 16-year-old “almost-woman”.

Sharing a chapter from her mid-teens, the actor told Tatler magazine in a digital edition that her father. She asked her to refrain from wearing tight clothes. The two went on to have a “big clash of egos.”

Sharing her father’s reaction to her homecoming. Priyanka Chopra also told the magazine. “I’d left as a 12-year-old flat-chested, curly-haired kid and I came back as a 16-year-old almost-woman.

I think my dad was really shaken up by that. He didn’t know what to do with me for the first couple of weeks.” The report states Priyanka talked about how boys started following her form school.

Which made her previously progressive father putting bars on her windows and banning her from wearing tight clothes. “We had a big clash of egos,” she said. 

The actor went on to share how the two were the best of friends as well. Recalling his words, she said quoting him, “No matter what you do, good, bad, or ugly, you can come and tell me.

I will help you fix it. I won’t judge you, I will be always be in your corner. I’ll always be on your team.”

Priyanka also opened up about why she wanted to go to the US for her schooling. She said, “I was fascinated by the high schools in America.

Where they had lockers and no uniforms, and girls were wearing make-up and shaving their legs and having their eyebrows done in 8th grade.”

Priyanka is also now settled in Los Angeles with singer husband Nick Jonas and regularly visits India for work and to spend time with her family.

The couple is also currently in isolation in the US amid coronavirus outbreak and have donated to various organisations and NGOs, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s PM-Cares Fund.

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