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Priyanka Chopra Says She Left United States Due To Racism

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New Delhi – Bollywood super star Priyanka Chopra revealed in his latest interview with BBC that he was so much effected from racism that she had to left United States.

“I have been victim of racial discrimination on several occasions in my life and I can remember, it started in United States when I was 12 and being there for education” said Priyanka in an interview to BBC Hindi.

Priyanka said she observed that People in America treat Indians in discriminated way and I was used to call as “BROWNY” in the school. People used to told me that go home and make curry, she added.

Priyanka is of the view that Indians are not taken seriously in western countries, people used to make fun of them and their lifestyle.

Nowadays, she is working in Hollywood movie and playing a role of an FBI agent.

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