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Priyanka Chopra second husband came forward


Fans of Bollywood and Hollywood star Priyanka Chopra were shocked when another man claimed to be married to Priyanka even before Nick Jones.

The man named Brendan Schuster must have shocked not only Priyanka but also her husband Nick Jones in his tweet.

“I married Priyanka in 2014,” the man said in a Twitter message.

“I welcomed Priyanka Chopra on the red carpet with flowers in Tampa, Florida, USA,” he added.

This person also said that I do not know that it is a symbol of marriage in Indian culture.

Brendan Schuster said that the next day he also gave exclusive interviews to the Indian media.

It should be noted that this message was not from himself but from the tweet of another Twitter user Chrissy Tejan who was asking people about her experience of being famous for a short time.

In response to the same tweet, Brendon also shared a photo of himself with Priyanka Chopra.

The man’s story turned out to be false, while Priyanka Chopra first married American singer Nick Jones in December 2018 and since then they have been living together. 

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