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Priyanka Chopra’s Jai Gangaajal clashes with Zubaan at box-office this Friday –

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It’s becoming a year of multiple box-office clashes. This week Prakash Jha’s Jai Gangaajal starring Priynaka Chopra to clash with Guneet Monga’s Zubaan. For viewers, it will be a treat watching two diametrically opposite but meaningful cinema. Auteur Jha is back after a long hiatus with the second installment of Gangaajal and this time it is not his favourite Ajay Devgn but Priyanka Chopra who has donned the uniform. Like the prequel Jai GangaaJal is set in the rustic badlands where goons and corrupt politicians rule the roost.

Enter the no-nonsense IPS officer, Priyanka Chopra who uses her force to discipline the rogues. Like its prequel, Jai Gangaajal is also replete with the political power play where officers find themselves stacked between their flair for duty and the corrupt system ruled by the high and mighty. It remains to be see how Peecee pulls off this role. Also to watch out for is Prakash Jha as an actor. –

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