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Public appreciation on Nimra first makeup tutorial.


There is a lot of talented people in our public. A lot of skills apart from acting modeling dancing or whether singing. There are much more talents. Our Pakistan is filled with amazing talented people. But only some of them who are luckiest one get chance to come forward. And to steal the opportunity on the right time. All have the dream that their talent showed to public and they gain fame and popularity from public. And apart from these appreciation is the main element everyone wants in his or her life.

So same happen with the Nimra Ali who became the media sensation. Only with the short interview taken on City 42. That interview became viral and the talkative girl due to her chirpy interview became popular. Soon after she became trinket of a number of talk shows. Her candidness was admire by everyone.

Nimra Ali sensation of Pakustan break through tears

The 17 years old internet sensation became guest on Nida Yasir’s morning show as well. Where she was take the complete interview. And she told that it is her dream to become world famous. And has craze of acting, modelling and singing.

Nimra Ali has just started a YouTube channel. And this chirpy girl was already famous. She already has been the social media sensation. So having followers on her channel was not as much harder for her. And yes with in a week this girl got 19.3K subscribers.

Norma Ali transformed into a ravishing Young bride

And same like her chirpy talks. Her video is also filled with slot of funny gossip. She usually do in her every clip. The video is about 15 minutes long. In the beginning she told everyone that she know nothing about video editing. But the result of her makeup is pretty awesome.

Let’s have look to the video:

The comments section under Nimra Ali’s makeup tutorial was off, so we headed towards other social networking websites, where this video was shared to see the public reaction and to our surprise, Nimra Ali got a lot of appreciation. There was hardly anyone who criticized her. Here we have garnered a few public comments.

Let’s have a look:

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