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Qandeel Baloch’s Brother Confesses – Video


Qandeel Baloch’s murder mystery has been solved in less than 24 hours. The parents of the model and singer already told the media that her brother killed her because he considered her as a threat to family’s honour but the brother was missing so there were many theories circulating in the media. Qandeel Baloch’s brother has confessed to the crime when he was caught by the police. This video in which he confesses to the crime indicates that he is not remorseful. He said that he gave Qandeel sleeping pills and then he strangled her. He also said that it has been 2 days since he murdered her. In this brief video when the reporter asked him if he was ashamed of what he had done, he very confidently told them that he wasn’t because he was a Baloch.

Sadly, in most such cases the murderers think that they have done the right thing by killing a woman of their family, same is the case here.

Watch the video here

Qandeel Baloch’s Brother Confesses – Video by pakshowbiz


n this other video he also says that after Qandeel Baloch was involved in Mufti Qavi controversy she got more coverage from the media which caused more problems for his family. The police officer present there also confirmed that this was the main reason. The criminal refused to accept that there was any other reason involved in this murder.

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