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Queen of Jhansi is received well.


Film Manikarnika:Queen of Jhansi is received well. Film Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi, showing the historical independence struggle of the subcontinent’s people, has been well received by the audience. Reports say that the film has done a reasonable business on the opening day. In the following days more well business is expected. It is to be noted that on the same day another film too, was released. So we can say that half audience could reach to watch each of the both films. The film has been directed by Director Krish (Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi), with co-director Kangna Ranaut, the renowned actress of the Indian film industry. Kangna Ranaut, also performed in the film as the main character, The Queen of Jhansi (Laxmibai). This is a historical film and shows the struggle of the people of the subcontinent against the foreign based East India Company and the independence of their territory. This film also provides new generation with valuable knowledge about the that movement and struggle. Besides it  invites the attention of the other producers to the subject and incites them to make such historical movies. 

Kangana Ranaut is waving at the camera
Kangana Ranaut is waving at the camera

Celebrities, other segments of the society and general audience appreciated the effort of presenting the history of those who struggled against the foreign fores and the independence of the subcontinent.  The film shows that how a home or palace lady indulges in a war and how she faces a bloody events in the war field.Some people, including an organization of a cast argued about some contents of the film. Kangna has clarified that we have got certificates from four historians to verify the contents of the film. It is enough  to prove that the facts shown in the film are true. Besides, Film Censor  Board too, has given clearance to release this film.This is why the contents of the film cannot be argued.. It can be said that this was a good idea to get certificates from the historians about the historical events presented in the film because in such a way credibility and authenticity is achieved reasonably. Historians may have got some contents changed, deleted or added before giving their certificates.

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