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Quratulain Balouch reminded the world of the lockdown of Kashmir


Pakistan’s leading singer Quratulain Balouch says no one had paid attention to Kashmir in the past, now the whole world is in lockdown.

Yesterday, Pakistan’s leading singer Quratulain Balouch tweeted about the worldwide lockdown on the micro-blogging site Twitter, writing: ‘It has been a while now that world powers have not paid attention to the lockdown in Kashmir. And now the whole world is in a state of lockdown.

Quratulain Balouch wrote, “Allah is Great.”

On this singer’s tweet, a fan of Kashmir-occupied Kashmir, Tahir, responded, “The lockdown of occupied Kashmir and the lockdown of Corona are very different.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi, on the other hand, mentioned Kashmir and Palestine in one of his tweets.

Hamza Ali Abbasi wrote in his tweet, “Remember the situation in occupied Kashmir and Palestine.”

He wrote, “Now the whole world is feeling how the people of Kashmir and Palestine have been living for so many decades.”

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