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Rabi Perzada release the video writing complete Para.


Lahore: Former singer Rabi Pirzada, who wrote a complete paragraph of the Holy Quran by hand. Also release a video in this regard and said. When money was stolen from my bank account. News spread on social media but if anyone wrote the Holy Quran, Did not accept.

Rabi Pirzada is a Pakistani former pop singer and television host. She launch her career in 2004. Rabi launch her first song Dahdi Kurree in 2005, which was a hit. She had also start content writing for news websites such as US News Box. She has also host a weekly television show. Rabi frequently makes guest appearances on Pakistani television comedy and talk shows such as on Dunya News’s show Mazaaq Raat. In 2018, Perzada made her film debut in the film Shor Sharaba in the lead role alongside Meera.

Rabbi Pirzada, who has turn his back on showbiz. And is also following the path of religion is focusing on calligraphy these days. It has written online without any break. Which is release by Rabi Pirzada.

Rabi Perzada said on Twitter, “I have completed the first part by the grace of Allah, if possible, see and share my hard work.”

In the release video, she can seen writing the first paragraph. With skill and beauty. In this regard, he also criticize some people without naming them.

Rabi Pirzada wrote that the problem is not with me but with writing the Holy Quran. Because a few days ago my money was stolen from Al-Falah Bank. Then all the social media start posting news and for the first time in the whole world. I am writing the Quran online but someone did not share this news. Then people say that we are Muslims. The only difference is that while writing the Quran, my face is not visible.

Here is the video:

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