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Rabi Pirzada achieved Umrah’s blessing


KARACHI: Former Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada has received Umrah.

According to details. The leading Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada has also received Umrah. After announcing that he lives according to the same principles of life.

She wrote, “In Makkha, I feel like a guest of God. I see it everywhere, I don’t remember my family. My home, my paintings and my life. What I remember is one such I am breathing in a place that no other host can host.

Rabi Pirzada wrote that I could not write a verse on this occasion, just to say, ‘Libiq Allah’ Libiq.

While sharing the paintings of the Kaaba, Rappi Pirzada wrote, “This is a new beginning”.

Singer Rabi was born in Quetta. She was the best student in the field of education. But his connection to music attracted him to the showbiz industry. However, She debuted his song ‘Dahdi Kadi’ in 2005. After which ‘I love’ and ‘magic’ became very popular and the singer’s journey of development began.

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