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Rabi Pirzada and Sara Chaudhry together after a long time

Former actresses Sara Chaudhry and Rabi Pirzada met each other for a long time. She shares photos of both went viral on social media.

Rabbi Pirzada, who hailed the Pakistan showbiz industry last year. Shared some photos with former actress Sara Chaudhry on social networking website Instagram.

She wrote in the caption, ‘Me and Sara Chaudhry together after a long time.’

Rabbi Pirzada wrote: “Me and Sara Chaudhry started their journey together in the showbiz industry. Then after that Sara Chaudhry walked the path of Allah and I remained in the showbiz.”

The former singer wrote. “Now I too have been instructed by Allah and I too have followed the path of Islam.”

He wrote, ‘I pray that I can learn more about my religion.’

He wrote, ‘slowly but surely I am on my way.’

Rabbi Pirzada also shared these photos on his Twitter account.

Rabbi Pirzada wrote in his video caption, “It will take ages for me to complete this painting but I write verses of the Koran in my painting and it may be my love for the Koran.”

It may be recalled that Sara Chaudhry was a leading actress of Pakistan showbiz industry in the past and then she said goodbye to the showbiz industry for Islam. His most popular play on Geo Entertainment was ‘In Your Side’.

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