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Which is Rabi Pirzada Best Selfie


Former Pakistani singer Rabbi Pirzada shared the best selfie of her life on social media.

Last year, Rabbi Pirzada, a former singer who greeted the Pakistan showbiz industry, shared the best selfie of her life with the Kaaba on social networking site Instagram.

Sharing her selfie on Instagram, Rabbi Pirzada wrote, “I have taken the best selfie ever. Alhamdulillah I spent 6 days in Makkah, doing 3 Umrah and 3 Tawaaf.”

He wrote: ‘I have tried my best to share everything I think so that every Muslim will know about it.’

He further wrote, “Tomorrow I will go to Madinah. May Allah keep me that way and I pray for all those who have supported me in my life.”

Earlier, Rabbi Pirzada shared on Instagram the photo of Hazrat Mohammad I wrote, “We share photos of the Eiffel Tower, the Burj Khalifa, New York Times Square, Empire State Bank, etc. but have we seen that house? Where our dear Prophet Muhammad was born. ‘

Here her Instagram Posts:

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