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If a Muslim is expelled from the country, I will shoot at the chest, declares Indian singer


New Delhi: Famous Indian singer Raftaar (Dylan Nayar) criticized. The Modi government over anti-Muslim citizenship bill. He said that if a Muslim is taken out of the country. I will shoot at his chest.

According to the details. The Indian rapper’s announcement came at a time. When a video of the rapper and composer’s concert went viral. Which he lashed out at the Modi government. Saying that Muslims, Christians, Sikhs all. Are brothers

Renowned Indian singer Dylan Nair, known as world Raftaar rapper. Opposed the Indian government’s passing of anti-Muslim citizenship bills before launching its concert.

The foreign news agency said that his videos have been praised by fans and social media users for being viral on social media. But they have also been criticized by some circles.

The video on social media said. “I am saying one thing perfectly. Whether tomorrow’s career is gone or not. No problem, it is so amazing that you will not starve till the end.”

The singer then introduced the audience to his bodyguard named Arshad, saying. “This man’s name is Arshad. It makes me think that no one can push me even if someone from India (India). If you talk about extraction, I will shoot in front. ‘

He further said, “Whether it is Hindu, Sikh, Christian or Muslim, we are all brothers. I will not let anyone go out and see what my career will be like, I don’t care. ‘

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