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Rakesh Roshan the reason behind Hrithik – Kangana’s legal battle?


The Hrithik-Kangana spat seems to be the hottest topic in the news circuits currently, with a new update coming our way every few hours. The latest we hear is that Rakesh Roshan provided the encouragement that Hrithik needed to slam a legal notice on Kangana Ranaut, reports Deccan Chronicle.

The report states that Hrithik approached his father for advice asking him if a legal action is the way to go and Sr Roshan instantly gave his nod. Reportedly, Rakesh and Rajesh Roshan felt extremely humiliated when they walked the red carpet with Hrithik recently and the media bombarded the latter with questions about being the “silly ex” (Kangana used the term in an early interview).

Following this, Hrithik, who had already warned Ranaut several times to clear her statement, finally issued a legal notice to her on February 26 with a long list of allegations.

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