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Ramsha Khan views about her role in Ghisi Phiti Mohabbat


In an interview, Ramsha Khan said that when the script of Ghisi Phiti Mohabbat came. She quickly agreed and no other thought struck a chord as she needed to pass on the message of this play to the audience.

Ramsha Khan

“I was told that the drama was being staged as an experiment and that there was a risk involved. I can do it because, in the end, this drama is sending a positive message. ‘

“In our society, it isn’t viewed as useful for a woman to have a few relationships,” says Ramsha. Moreover, the drama is featuring different issues in our society, including harassment and woman working outside the home.

Ramsha Khan

“Samia is the voice of woman’ souls,” she said. At the point when you are in an abnormal circumstance. You, as a rule, have various musings in your brain. Yet in the case of Samia, it is all on his tongue.

Ramsha Khan

Ramsha Khan talk about criticism:-

Regarding negative response from the audiance to any character, Rimsha says that she doesn’t acknowledge it.

Ghisi Phiti Mohabbat

“Ghisi Phiti Mohabbat is not a commercial drama, it’s a satire, so I don’t expect this drama to be understood by everyone.”

She says there are hidden messages in each episode of the drama, which she sees, great. It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that you don’t come. “

Ghisi Phiti Mohabat

Ramsha also says that there is a lobby in the industry, there are close to home preferences and one thing that numerous individuals let me know is to make your contacts, stay in contact with individuals, cause companions yet I to have this Not all things happen.

Ramsha Khan

Discussing her future work, Ramsha also said that she isn’t prepared for the film yet as she needs to put forth a valiant effort in dramas.

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