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Rangeela Death Anniversary being observed


Nowadays Pakistan’s legend film star Saeed Khan’s Rangeela death anniversary is being observed.

His filmi name was Rangila and he passed away from the world on 24th May 2005.

On this occasion Rangila’s fans and other people who used to see him on screen remembering some memorable films of this legend artist.

Rangila performed in nearly 650 films. He, in addition to his comedic roles, also performed sober characters.

His so many memorable films are still remembered by people.his work with other comedians Munawar Zarif and Nanha were liked so much.

He also showed talent as film director, producer, singer and also in other capacities.

Rangila born in Faisalabad He started his career with film Jatti when he was 21-year old.

Then he performed in some very famous films such as ‘Insan aur Gadha'( human and donkey), Aurat Raj (The woman rule), Diya aur Toofan (candle and storm), Do Rangeelay, Hath Jori, Jikri yar, Sangdil, Pagri Sambhal jatTa. 

He also got various awards including Nigar Award. Rangila also worked in famous Pakistani film Heer Ranjha.

His character in this film was of an unofficial  ‘watch man’. Uncle of Heer assigned him the work of keeping watch on Heer who fell in love with Ranjha.

The ‘Uncle’ against her love story with Ranjha so he assigned this work to Rangila.Rangila did so but in a very funny way.

Rangeela best comedy actor


First, when uncle asked him to keep eye on Heer, Rangila replied ‘Oh how wonderful job,

I always keep eye on Heer.

The uncle becomes angry and says him what is nonsense, don’t talk in this way foolishly.

I mean you should now keep watch on only her activities and not on her face.

In another scene the uncle assigns him the duty to sit on door to note the movement of Heer who passes through this door.

Rangila sits but sleeps there.Rangila’s another memorable film was ‘Meri Zindagi Hay Naghma’,

In this film he performed leading and central role of the story.


Some very famous songs of this film which picturized on Rangila are

‘Ik husn ki devi se mujhe pyar hua tha’, ‘Yahan qadr kiya dil ki hogi ye duniya hay shisha garon ki’.

In this film Rangila performs various roles including his young age role as well as old age role.

Some other films of this legend artist were Rangeela aur Munawar Zareef, Parday Men Rehnay do, and ‘Dosri Shadi’.



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