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Is Rani Mukerji Pregnant?

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Newly wed Rani Mukerji was invited as the guest on Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’s recent episode. Rani had been invited to promote her upcoming film ‘Mardaani’ on the show. As per a report in Mumbai Mirror, Rani came to the sets pretty late after visiting a doctor. Rani insisted that she had gone to the doctor to get herself checked for flu. But what caught everyone by surprise was the glow on her face despite the ‘illness’. As per the report, clad in a dark coloured, fully covered Anarkali, Rani Mukerji not only looked radiant but also slightly on the heavier side.

What was even more interesting was how the judges took extra care of their special guest Rani throughout the show. The same reports also states that though there were no signs of viral bug or weakness, Rani needed help while climbing the stairs. All three judges kept heeding to her needs throughout the shoot. Rani even asked for a cushion to give rest to her back. Rani also kept flaunting her side profile only for the cameras.

Few secrets were also revealed on the show as Madhuri revealed how Rani sang ‘kabhi neem neem’ on her wedding day for Aditya Chopra. To this Karan Johar said, “Adi, please don’t blame me for this, I did not say anything. It was Rani who told Madhuri. She is the culprit, not me,” he beseeched, admitting that he feared Aditya more than his own parents.

In a recent interview with the The Times of India, Rani had clearly expressed her desire to start a family soon. On being asked, are you looking at starting a family, she said, “Of course, as that is why we are married. And I want to expect soon. Every woman is born to procreate and God has given us that magic power to bring another human being into the world. So, why should we not use that and play God for once.”

She further stated, “Adi always teases me, ‘You are born to become a mother. You should have had babies when you were born only.’ So yes, I am completely looking forward to becoming a mother. But movies is my first love and that is what has given me confidence and a say in this world. It has also given me a big family in the film industry and today I am married into a family that has only made love stories. I have a lot to be thankful for. And I definitely feel that whenever I will get a good script, I will work.”

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