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Ranveer And I Are Not Insecure Said Arjun Kapoor

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Today after a preview of ‘Finding Fanny’ he’s flooded with rave reviews for his performance as Savio. But Arjun Kapoor admits that he was plagued with doubts when after watching ‘Ishaqzaade’ writer director Homi Adajania approached him with the role.

“I was supposed to assist Homi on ‘Being Cyrus’ but I fell ill. He had impressed me as a director but I couldn’t see myself in the world he had visualised. One reason was that he came to me with an English film when I was still trying to establish myself as a Hindi film actor,” recalls Arjun sitting in the suite of a five star hotel.

He allowed himself to be carried along by the director’s confidence and conviction and admits that when he saw Savio on screen he could see a lot of himself in him from the vulnerability to the pain and angst which came from personal experience. “I guess Homi saw me in the character much before I did,” he says.
The pain comes from losing his mother Mona Kapoor when he was poised on the threshold of stardom. “She stood by me when I was struggling to lose weight never once telling me I didn’t have it in me to be an actor. She had watched me shoot ‘Ishqzaade’ saw the first trailer then knowing I was going the right way she went away. She shattered my backbone leaving behind a big hole. I try to fill the vacuum with work and small joys but it’s hard,” he admits eyes glistening with unshed tears.
A man is drawn towards a woman who reminds him of his mother but Arjun insists he’s not attracted to any one ‘type’. “It’s important for me to have a conversation with the lady that lasts beyond five minutes. It could be about films travel life even the weather. I like to listen and talk,” he says.
A statement of his on a recent chat show, “I lost weight to get laid”–has gone viral but Arjun argues that it was just a joke taken out of contest. “Yes earlier it was difficult to get female attention. Even during ‘Ishaqzaade’, Aditya Chopra advised me to focus on my performance because I wasn’t conventionally good looking. Over the last two years it’s gotten easier. But I don’t know if the women are falling for me as a person or the characters I portray,” he says unabashedly admitting that he craves the comfort of compan ionship “All of us want someone in our lives with whom we can interact on a personal level I’m no different.”
Buzz is he got possessive about Alia Bhatt. Arjun laughs off the rumour, “I may get emotionally attached to someone but I don’t think I’d get possessive or obsessive about someone. I didn’t know Alia before 2 States. She’s an amazing girl but now she’s busy with Shaandar in London while I’m busy with Finding Fanny here. And yet these Chinese whispers continue to swirl.”
He says that a boy and a girl can be just friends without taking their relationship to the next level. Parineeti Chopra and he spent 90 days together in Lucknow during Ishaqzaade and continue to be on backslapping terms. Sonakshi Sinha and he have known each other since they were in school and now enjoyed filming Tevar. “Growing up in this profession I got used to the gossip early. If someone doesn’t hit below the belt I’m okay. It won’t stop me from being who I am,” he shrugs.
He’s equally dismissive of talks about the romance with Ranveer Singh going kaput. He reasons that the speculation fuels from disbelief that youngsters like them who have quickly found audience acceptance can co exist without any interpersonal problems. “Ranveer and I are not insecure we never had issues on the sets. Why can’t people accept that we are friends?” he questions.

While Arjun openly discusses personal equations he’s wary of divulging professional details. He refuses to confirm whether he’s playing Lakhan in the Ram Lakhan remake or one of SRK’s brothers in Rohit Shetty’s next. All he admits is that he’s Gopal in the screen adaptation of ‘Revolution 20:20′. “I’m a producer’s son I’ll wait for the annoucement” he quips.
Will he now graduate from being executive producer to producer? Arjun smiles and says that his father Boney Kapoor was gracious to credit him with the title of `executive producer’ when all he did was arrange for tickets transport and accommodation. “I don’t think I’ll make a good producer. I’m a spendthrift. It’s in my genes. As long as my father continues making movies I’ll work with him. I don’t care for credit” he says adding he’d rather write and direct a film someday.

Having made a Finding Fanny will he push his dad into exploring this kind of cinema? “Dad makes film which is entertaining for an all India audience. He can’t think small and niche. Let him continue doing what he does best. I’m as happy with a Tevar as I am with a Finding Fanny” he signs off ordering lunch.
Enough food for thought it’s time for some real food now!

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