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Ranveer gets hate from Indian Twitterati as he tweets ‘losing my religion’

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Several Indian tweeps seemed to have lost their minds after reading a tweet by Ranveer Singh on Friday that simply read ‘Losing my Religion’ along with a photo of his. While there were certainly fans who came to his defence, many just couldn’t get over with the fact that the tweet mentioned the words ‘losing’ and ‘religion’ in the same line.


Ranveer’s upcoming movie ‘Padmavati’ has been courting controversies ever since it was first announced. The attack on the crew in Jaipur earlier this year, the history of Alauddin Khalji with the Rajput king of Mewar in 1303, and the ‘distortion’ of history in the movie, as claimed by certain hardliners, have been making the movie more and more controversial each passing day, and it has become such a hot topic now that even the lyrics of a song can trigger the fans now.Here are some of the tweets that show how Indian twitterati reacted to a Ranveer’s seemingly innocent tweet.

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