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Ranveer is praised by Kiran Johar.


Ranveer Singh has been praised by Kiran Johr.

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Indian actor Ranveer Singh has been admired by the Directir Kiran Johar. Johar says that there is no alternative or example of Ranveer singh in the Indian film industry. He admired him at the time when Ranveer is being well received by also other people. He is very busy in the field and actively performing in various films. Commonly when someone is praised by someone else, people look for the guts and abilities of the person being admired. However in Ranveer case, it is clear that he is already well known, enjoys good reputation and is being received well by all quarters. He has won several awards. It is said that he is one of the highest paid celebrities in the Indian film industry.
Ranveer Singh’s full name is Ranveer Singh Bhavnani. He was born on 6 July 1985.His elders shifted from Karachi to Mambai at the time of Partition of the subcontinent. Singh was born in Mambai and then made his film career there In Hindi films. His performance is liked too much. The awards he won include the Filmfare Award which is highly prestigious and is given by the President of India and selection for the awards is carried out by a penal of experts of the field.

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Ranveer is an educated actor. He has got bachelor’s of Arts degree from a foreign university where he also used to attend acting classes. Earlier he used to participate also in his school dramas. He has a trend of fine arts,including acting since his teen age.  After graduation degree he came back to India where he started his regular career. He also worked in the field of advertising  for a short period. He, in addition to his present acting career still promotes some famous brands.In 2010 he worked as an actor with a leading role in a comedy film namely ‘Band Baja Barat.
The film remained very successful and Ranveer was given Filmfare award on his good performance in the film. Then he worked in a drama ’Lutera’ in 2013. Recently, in 2018 he performed the main leading character in the film ‘Simmba’.
Raveer marrid to to his co-star in 2018 in traditional Hindu and Sikh style ceremony. Ranveer is also included in Forbes India’s celebrity 100 list and was holding eighth position in the list in 2018.

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