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Raveena Tandon opens a new Pandora box about Bollywood movies.

Raveena Tandon

Mumbai: Raveena Tandon says that Bollywood is under the influence of men from the beginning. But I never fulfill the desire of male actors for the role.

It is no longer possible to deny the prevalence of in favoritism Bollywood as many actors have spoken openly on the issue. However, Sushant Singh’s suicide has revived the debate. Tensions are high. But his fans blamed director Karan Johar and others for the death, citing favoritism.

According to Indian media, actress Raveena Tandon said. In an interview in the 90’s she said: “When I banned from playing a role in films, I was called arrogant. But not really, I have no guard father in the industry. I was a part of a camp. So I am not promoted by any actor.”

She said:”I was called arrogant because I didn’t do what the male actors wanted. If they asked me to sit down, I would sit down.”

Raveena Tandon said: “The female journalist instead of supporting me in this matter. They remained as puppets of those male actors. The articles were written against me only because the ego pf a man hurts. Surprisingly the women journalist not only use to do with me but with other actors also.”

Kangna Ranaut

Earlier, actress Kangana Ranaut also termed Bollywood as under the influence of male actors. She has spoken openly on other issues in Bollywood, including favoritism. When she said that the death of Shushant Singh was a murder instead of suicide. Declaring the murder, she said that the film “Mafia” broke his brain by dripping him as planned and forced him to die.

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