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Red Bull Soundclash on 27th


KARACHI-Ali Azmat and Umair Jaswal going to have a musical ‘clash’ for the first time on August 27th at Expo Center, Karachi by taking part in Red Bull Soundclash; the first event will take place in Karachi.

Coined by many as the ‘Clash of Generations’, Red Bull Soundclash will put Umair Jaswal and Ali Azmat to compete for the affection of the crowd.
After warming up with a couple of tracks, both Umair Jaswal and Ali Azmat will be on opposing stages to execute a musical conversation that will push the boundaries and have the audience roaring in support gauged by a decibel meter.
But there will only be one winner on August 27th after two music acts representing two different generations of music battle it out for four rounds to win the support of the audience.

It started with a leaked video where Ali Azmat seemed quite unhappy with the new breed of musicians, mainly with Umair Jaswal’s style of music.
This resulted in a war of words between Azmat and Jaswal for weeks until Red Bull decided to intervene by encouraging both musicians to settle the tension on stage by taking part in Red Bull Soundclash.
Both Azmat and Jaswal participation for Red Bull Soundclash was further confirmed by the launch of a promo, directed by AsadUlHaq, that brought the mounting tension, anger and clash between the two into focus.

Red Bull Soundclash is a friendly rivalry, a musical conversation between two wildly different acts, which perform on two stages positioned opposite to each other with the audience in between.
Red Bull Soundclash has successfully been executed in many markets, Egypt, Jordon, Germany, Lebanon to name a few.
This is the first time in Pakistan, first time Pakistani audience will be exposed to a one-of-a-kind clash where they will get to see best music acts from two different generations battling it out to win the ‘ultimate clash of generations’ .
Red Bull Soundclash has four rounds 1st.
Round ‘The Cover’:  The DJ cuts in a well-known song.
Each band plays a cover version of this famous song in their style.
Round ‘The Take Over’:  Band 1 plays one of their hits.
In the middle of the song Band 2 takes over the song in their style.
Round ‘The Clash’ The bands have to play their own songs in 3 different styles.
Round ‘The Wild Card’ Each band plays one more song together with an invited musician/special guest of their own choosing.
The first-ever Red Bull Soundclash in Pakistan will take place on August 27th at Expo Center, Karachi.
Please visit Aghas, Butlers Chocolate Cafe, Nueplex and Dunkin Donuts for tickets.

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