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Reema At Star Iftar With Sarmad Khoosat


The first episode of perfectionist Sarmad Khoosat’s very own production, Star Iftar went on-air, and his first guest was none other than the gorgeous and graceful, Reema.

The show was actually very brief – not more than 30 minutes long – and simple. The main focus was on light and healthy food that was easy and quick to prepare. Reema looked beautiful and had some nice things to say throughout the show. ”Dil ka roza pait kay rozay say zyada muskhil hota hai.”

It was a casual chit chat between two friends. Sarmad Khoosat asked Reema a bit about her future projects, and she revealed that she is working as a producer and director for a film that will be penned by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar.

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