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Reema Khan Husband To Treat Umer Sharif


Reema Khan has recently shared a photograph of herself with Umer Sharif on her Instagram. She also expressed gratitude toward her husband for supporting the senior comedian’s treatment.

Umer Shrif

Reema Khan wrote in her post that Umer Sharif is a well known a tie & comedian of the subcontinent and a legend of all time. He always worked hard to make others laugh and smile. She said, “Today I am upset to hear that he is seriously ill”. The actress further wrote that she is proud of her husband Dr. Tariq Shahab who has supported Umer Sharif for this high risk procedure and is also helping his family in arranging his transfer to the United States. Reema Khan further wrote in her post: “I request Dr. Tariq Shehab to cure Umer Sharif of this disease”.

Reema Umar

She expressed her satisfaction that her husband is going to treat Umer Sharif. She prayed for Husband and Umer Sharif both.

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