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Retro-fying lawn

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KARACHI: Having launched a retro lawn collection, Hina Mirza has crafted a compilation of the fabric but decided to not follow the bandwagon by keeping prices steep. “There’s a huge demand for lawn in Pakistan, but it’s a fabric which should not be too pricey for young women to buy. By keeping my prices low, my purpose is to encourage everyday wear of the fabric,” she says. Her lawn shirts are priced at Rs3,500.

Having graduated in 2005 from the University of Arts, in London, Mirza is a graphic designer by degree. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that her collection features digital printing and intricate floral embroidery, embodying an old-school vintage retro style.

Regarding her interest in lawn, she says, “Majority of Pakistani women prefer wearing lawn in the summer. I took on lawn as a challenge and being a user of lawn myself I always wanted to work on the fabric.” Her design philosophy revolves around, “Plain simple, classy and daily wear.”

For customers like Shanaz Iqbal, who avidly buy Hina Mirza’s cotton and silks for the past three years says, “From the fabric used, to the finishing in terms of stitching, everything has been done intricately. Also, the good pricing factor makes it all the more amazing.”

Mirza is certainly not competing with any superior names in the industry. “Most of the lawn designs in Pakistan are following the same kind of concept. I personally would like to bring a change — even if it’s at a much smaller level but change is always appreciated,” she asserts. On a hopeful note, the designer says, “After this concept, I hope people look forward to my new collection for the summer, which hopefully should be exciting.”

Hina Mirza’s one-day exhibit lasted for a few hours of the day on a given Thursday. But general public can place orders via e-store and with cash on delivery services, all over Pakistan.

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