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Revival of indigenous craft

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LAHORE: “My mother’s residence made in 2005 is where it all began, as she collaborated with the masters of art and craft. And the vision store is a true extension of that,” Waleed Zaman, creative director Kayseria Vision Store tellsThe Express Tribune

The residence was the first residential project made with limestone after partition and it was with Kamil Khan’s help that gave it a truly traditional feel. “That was when I met Khan and the rebirth of traditional art started when people saw that houses made with Fresco art are beautiful,” said Zaman.

His liking for traditional craftsman also reflects in the art and design of Kayseria’s vision store and their new collection.

The store collaborated with Ustaad Saifur Rehman to build their store and launching this year’s collection. His mastery of geometric and biomorphic patterns and proportions helped in the store’s architecture.

“When we got the land the façade was not made and I wanted to build something that was architecturally traditional with arches. We made a sketch with Kamil Khan and Ayesha Noorani but DHA authorities rejected it because they didn’t want an ‘androon shehr’ look, they wanted a modern and contemporary look,” said Zaman.

“But on the inside we could make it ours, so we made arches which show through the glass on the outside,” he added.

Rehman on the other hand believes that what makes traditional art stand out is its objectivity. “There is no conclusion to modern and postmodern art besides destruction and oblivion and disintegration. Traditional art is more objective because it is based on the divine, something that transcends subjectivity which makes it sacred and gives it principal. Whether it is classical music or the art of ‘Naqqashi’, it is a symbolic language of that divinity.”

“That is why no one would ever sign their names under such art like at Wazir Khan Mosque because so many people are involved,” he added.

He incorporated the fundamental art of ‘Naqqashi’ into Kayseria’s ‘magic of prints’. It plans to continue promoting these masters through traditional art exhibitions. They have worked closely with Ustaad Saifur Rehman for ‘Naqaashi’, Ustad Gauhar Kalam (Pride of Performance) for calligraphy and Ustaad Siddique for painting. They will also be showcasing at Chalice Festival Exhibition for promoting Islamic Art in England this year.

Waleed Zaman concluded saying, “We hope to take out a fresco collection each year because this is something that transcends fashion. We want to celebrate our Eastern heritage and our Eastern masters and take them along with us in our vision.”

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