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Rinstra introduce the First digital platform for Pakistani creators


What is Rinstra?

Rinstra is the first Pakistani short-form digital platform. The platform is working with Icons in the industry. We can use it for making content and streaming for peoples. The platform is working with different icons in the industry to create content. It is just like Youtube.

This Platform includes romance, comedy, thriller, music, cooking. In this platform, it includes many actors and actress. Dr. Adil Akhtar, chairman of Rinstra and co-founder of it that it is an opportunity for people in Pakistan to make content on it and earn money.

A person with creative ideas and deep content can visit Rinstra. Artists and creative minds are the cultural consuls of Pakistan. “A hub for the industry where the content creators will start showing their work and making money”. said by Amir Jahangir Chief executive of Ranstra.

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