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Rishi Kapoor recovered


Indian film star Rishi Kapoor, who was under treatment of cancer has now recovered and officially declared by his doctor as cancer free. This has been told to the media by his son Ranbir Kapoor.

He talked in detail about the health of his father. A few days ago Rishi Kapoor, also extended Ramadan Greeting to Muslims which was highly appreciated by all.

It is the nature of common people that, as human being they are glad to see others in a happy mode. Amitabh Bachchan, another Indian filmstar too, extended Ramadan greeting to Muslims along with Rishi Kapoor.

rishi kapoor cancer free

Both are very respectable figures of the Indian Film Industry so people were expecting this act from them and the both stars, in spite of their bad health, remained attentive for the event of Ramadan.

Rishi who has now been officially declared cancer free is being expected to be active again in his field. He is a very experience and awards winning actor, producer and director of the Indian film industry.

His career is sprayed over more than fifty years. Rishi Kapoor performed leading roles in nearly 100 film . His performance has been liked too much and he got several awards including National Film Award and Filmfare Award.

The former, National Film Award is given by the Indian government on the recommendation of a pernals of experts. Award is given in an annual  ceremony by the President of India and after that the award winning films are screened for public.

Latter, the Filmfare Award too, is a very prestigious one and is given by the India’s largest circulated English newspaper company.

Rishi was born in Mumbai and also completed his primary education in this city. Most of his family relatives belong to film industry. Only a few of them have chosen other professions. 

Rishi, as an adult actor started his career with a leading role in film ‘Bobby’ in 1973. Earlier he performed a role as a child actor in his father’s film.’Mera naam joker’ in 1970 and got National Film Award for his excellent performance in this film.

On an occasion he clarified in an interview that it is not correct the said film was made just to introduce himself as an actor. He told that actually his father had not budget to cast another actor Rajesh Khanna so he handed over this role to him.



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