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Rocking dance of Jannat Mirza at a family wedding.


Jannat Mirza is the most followed tik toker. She is an amazing and talented personality. No one can deny her pretty and rocking look charming personality. Therefore she is the queen of fashion her dressing hair along with her jewelry everything from head to toe is amazingly perfect.

Due to her great skills and acting technique on tik tok. She is only the one to reach 11 million followers on the tik toker. And become the Number one celebrity with more than 10 million followers.

Jannat became the topic of controversary when she says that She is leaving Pakistan and going to be settle in Japan soon. The reason behind is the mentality of the people living here. Majority of the people criticize her. But soon she clarify that she is in Japan for shooting purpose.

Jannat Mirza currently shooting for a movie whose details are not revealed yet. She share a video on her Instagram account Tik tok video from her cousin’s wedding.

In the video she can be seen dancing with her cousin on old Indian song. “Tu Mera Hero Number 1“. Her cousin Umar know as umree in his official tik tok name. He is also another famous tiktoker. Who is well recognize.

They often made videos together which is admired by the public very much. They are seen together making beautiful videos. Here we have another video of their dance. However they together made such a great couple after all.

Therefore their dance video together is viral on all social media platforms. Jannat and Umer rock the stage with their rocking dance. Their steps and moves are so smooth that the dance become perfectly amazing. The entertaining dance video is surely perfect. Here we have the video. Scroll down to watch the rocking dance performance.

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