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Pakistani music composer, Singer and Actor Ali Zafar, was invited as a chief guest to final round of the music sessions at ArtFest 15,

The biggest inter-school festival of all art fields, by Aitchison College where he made a grand entrance.

Ali made a surprise entry on stage at the finale of the arts and performing arts festival with the spotlight on him. The crowd went berserk as Ali’s entry was a surprise for them and they chanted ‘Rockstar’ and ‘AZ’ at the top of their lungs.

Ali then picked a volunteer from the audience and had a competition of push-ups after which Ali named the volunteer ‘a true rockstar’. Later, on the insistence of a large number of students present at the event, Ali sang a few lines of his superhit classics ‘Chal dil meray’ and ‘Sajaniya’.

Things heated up to another level and the crowd jumped to its feet when Ali’s younger brother Daniyal Zafar joined him on stage with a guitar .


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