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Rocky Handsome review: Why are we watching this John Abraham film?


A medication mafia plagued Goa in addition to threatening mobsters in addition to a young lady who disappears plus​ a ​muscled ​man ​on a​ mission is equivalent to ‘Rough Handsome’. What every last bit of it fundamentally comes down to is this: an etched John Abraham wearing a dark singlet–pajamas–​combat ​ top, strolling slo-mo down passageways, giving a good old fashioned thumping to—sundry awful folks. On the other hand ​slashing​ gaps into them. Same contrast. That is the sole motivation behind this film.

The baddies are a beautiful part. One is called Mantoo, or Muntu. Another has a pig tail and jumps about like a terrible​ duplicate of an awful duplicate. Another is uncovered pated and twinkly looked at. These two have a bodyguard who originates from one of those grounds in the East where ​kinetic military arts​ are utilized usually. I think I heard somebody say Thailand, so alright, he’s Thai.

All things considered who thinks about such specifics in a film which is resolved to plumb all profundities with regards to frightful viciousness : from a man with a hatchet, to ​goons ​with kni​ves​ and gun​s, and some sort of a ​vacuum​ drill, which is utilized as a part of a most shiver​​ prompting way right ​at the start​, each possible weapon is conveyed to hold up under. In any case, before you can yell hatchet killer, you should realize that Abraham’s character is the most fierce of all of them. Especially in a climactic scene, in which he makes like a veritable ​whirlwind​, us​ing​ all that he has, to ​carve through ​ his rivals.

O​f course he ​has a justification​, on the grounds that he is a Hindi film legend. ​Which is intended to make up​ for the nonappearance of a sound story-line, horrid set pieces, and ​long extends of people​ shooting at each other​. ​The film depends on a ​well-known ​Korean flick, and in Korean flicks which topline blood, the main men are not saddled with back ​stories to​ make them look respectable. Shruti Haasan appears for a miniscule walk​-​ on just to ​shed some great light​ on the hero​, before he strolls off into the shadows.

John Abraham’s Rocky Handsome is a ​double​: the screen parts into two, with both Rocky and Handsome ​come ​striding towards us, just on the off chance that we were befuddled. He ​only​ seems awful, see, he’s really a decent person with a frightful past. Whatever is left of the space is loaded with an eight year old (Diya Chalwad) who’s made to talk like she’s twofold that, and given an association with our saint which is intended to destroy you, yet feels faintly frightening.

Theres a young lady with a medication propensity. ​Just when you think it couldn’t deteriorate, you happen upon the ​gracious Suhasini Mulay trucked out​ as​ a shabby merchant of children. Everything is everywhere in this Goa over-keep running by ‘Roosis’​,​ and dark​ night clubs, and organ brokers, and scenes of great, bad-to-the-bone viciousness.

Remind me once more, why are we watching this one?

Star Cast of Rocky Handsome: John Abraham, Diya Chalwad, Nishikant Kamat, Sharad Kelkar, Shruti Haasan

Chief: Nishikant Kamat

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