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Roxette shares Nescafe Basement cover of their song

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KARACHI: Pakistani music was always appreciated by musicians across the border, but to know that musicians halfway across the world are even taking notice of our local talent is exciting to say the least. Joining this growing list of admirers for Pakistani music is none other than the Swedish pop-rock duo Roxette.

The group which is best known for their song She’s Got the Looks, recently shared the Nescafe Basement cover version of their song on their official Facebook page and captioned it as “interesting”.

Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan or more affectionately known as Xulfi, the producer of the music show Nescafe Basement shared his excitement with The Express Tribune telling how for him and his team it cannot get any bigger than this. “I think all of us who worked on the song would agree that nothing beats being acknowledged by the band whose song you reinvented. Just the song reaching them is amazing, but when they shared it, that’s when the power of music shone through without the fear of boundaries, language and distances.”













The former Entity Paradigm and Call guitarist spoke of how this was not only a big achievement for the show but also for the country’s barely thriving music industry. “This is something huge for the young talent of Pakistan. When we were reinventing the song, we discussed how great it would be if Roxette shares this. I always had the belief that if they hear it, they might share it. But, you know when it really happens is when it really hits you hard!”

According to Xulfi, the fact that an international group of Roxette’s stature has shared their song on their official Facebook page would also help ease perceptions about Pakistan as well. He shared a short incident while he was on tour with Call in the US when a local drummer was left surprised by the quality of live concerts in Pakistan.












“We made him hear our music and see our live concert videos. He was stunned and asked “Is that really Pakistan?” He never thought that Pakistan would have concerts where audience is head-banging and the music is that heavy. So, for him, that moment would have changed his perception about our country,” remarked the musician-turned-producer.

“If our little achievements on a global level can even change someone’s perception about us, I think then we should really go out and announce those to the world,” he added.

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