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Ruby Jesiah Mesu Netherland Boxer converts to Islam.


Ruby Jesiah Mesu a Netherland boxer has accepted Islam. The boxer announced the news on her social media account. According to the sources Ruby was born in a Christian family. And is a Christian. But the teachings and practice of Islam inspires her so much. That she decide to convert into Islam. The boxer said that after practicing Islam for years. She was very proud to be finally converted to Islam.

She officially taken the Sahadah and is convert to Islam in a mosque with witnesses. The conversion to her in religion Islam took place in the mosque of Netherland. She further add that the “The Shahada” was take by herself.

It is indeed good to see a sports woman accepting Islam. And becomes a role model for the entire world out there. Several Muslims welcomed Ruby to Islam. They wished him success and prosperity in her life.

Islam is not a religion of Crisis or violence. Islam is mainly for Peace and Unity. I urge all Muslims around the world to embrace peace among other religions. 

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But it is such a harsh reality that Muslims are not like much in most places across the world. Specially in the West people think of them as extremists and fundamentalists.

There is often a preconceive notion that non-Muslims are force across the globe for converting to Islam. This has distorted how people from other religions view Islam. Despite this perception, many non-Muslims still respect Islam and some have even willingly converted to Islam.

Remember that Islam is Only Solution to the problems of humanity and is way to see the paradise of Almighty Allah in the hereafter. So dear brothers and sisters we should be proud of ourselves that we are Muslims and surely respect our religion. No matter what others think about it. It is our real treasure which will lead us towards the river of success.

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