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Rubya Chaudhry explained about her divorce


Model turned actress Rubya Chaudhry has confirmed her divorce from her husband. She said that it is better to separate than to live in a bad married life.

Rubya and his Husband

Renowned actress and model Rubia Chaudhry, who has acted in several dramas and fashion shows, including the short film “Bench”, has divorced her husband, musician Mikal Hassan, and has confirmed the news on a social networking site.

Mikaal Hassan
Mikaal Hassan

“I got married a few years ago and am now divorced,” Rubia Chaudhry also said in a lengthy Instagram post about her divorce. I mean, divorce doesn’t always mean grief or the death of a loved one. Divorce does not mean that people say, “Oh, the girl’s life is ruined.

Rubya Chaudhry
Rubya Chaudhry Instagram Post

Divorce can also mean that the child’s life is spared or that life and love are given a second chance. “I didn’t want to share any news about my divorce, but it’s not just about me, it’s about the hundreds, thousands of women.

Who is made to believe that they should feel ashamed after divorce,” she also added. That their married life was not successful. They are repeatedly told that there is something wrong with them and they need to change themselves to become a perfect wife. Basically, I want to say Alhamdulillah.

Rubya Chaudhry
Rubya Chaudhry

Rubya Chaudhry was married to musician Meekal Hassan in 2016. The two have always kept their private lives away from social media and never talked about their married life.

Rubya and his husband
Rubya and Meekal Hassan

It should be noted that this is the third news of the recent split between showbiz artists. Earlier, news of the divorce between Farhan Saeed, Urwa Hussain and Feroz Khan and Alizey Fatima surfaced, but they two have not yet confirmed the news of their separation.

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