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Russell Brand and Nicolas Cage to fight Osama Bin Laden

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This time the Kick-Ass actor, Nicolas Cage, is all geared up to fight Osama Bin Laden in his new comedy, Army for One, but because he might need some help to hunt down the terrorist he brought Russell Brand on board.

Based on a true story of a handy-man in Colorado, Gary Faulkner, who journeyed from the US to Pakistan in pursuit of taking down Bin Laden as per his vision, the film will feature his expedition undertaken not once, not twice but a shocking 11 times.

Although Russell’s role hasn’t been announced yet, the comedy will be directed by Larry Charles who brought us the contentiously hilariousBorat. The script which has been written by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph, who wrote the sports comedy Draft Day, will primarily be based on the GQ profile of Faulkner who is known by the nickname ‘Rocky Mountain Rambo’.

Other people who are part of the film’s cast are The Office star Rainn Wilson, Wet Hot American Summer’s Ken Marino, The League’s Paul Scheer and the American Horror Story’s Denis O’Hare.

This film will be Russell’s first since Paradise (2013), which suffered terribly at the box office. His documentary The Emperor’s New Clothesis a documentary about the 2008 financial crisis set to release on April 24. Army for One will be the first comedy for Nicolas Cage since The Weather Man (2005).

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